Why Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Might Have Been Denied

worker with broken arm sitting at table and reading documents opposite to businessman in blue jacket in officeEmbarking on a journey through the maze of Utah workers’ compensation can be a harrowing experience, especially when your claim is unexpectedly denied. This can leave you feeling frustrated and uncertain. This article aims to illuminate potential reasons for claim denial in Utah and how Alta Legal, a reputable law firm, can assist in these intricate cases.

Understanding the Utah Workers’ Compensation Landscape

Utah workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that offers benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. Despite its seemingly straightforward nature, it’s crucial to understand the state’s specific laws. This knowledge is the first step towards ensuring your claim receives the appropriate attention.

A claim might be denied if the injury isn’t reported within the prescribed timeframe. In Utah, employees have up to 180 days to report a workplace injury. Beyond this period, the claim may be disqualified. Also, failing to seek medical attention or follow prescribed treatment could result in claim denial.

Furthermore, if the injury didn’t occur within the scope of employment, it may not qualify for workers’ compensation. For instance, if an injury happened during a non-work-related activity or personal errand, it might not be considered compensable.

Enlist a Workers Compensation Attorney in Taylorsville When Denied With Your Claim

Being denied can be discouraging, but this doesn’t spell the end of your journey. That’s where Alta Legal and its renowned workers compensation attorney in Taylorsville, UT, come in.

If you’ve encountered a roadblock in your Utah workers’ compensation claim, don’t navigate this challenging path alone. With us by your side, we can collectively work towards a favorable resolution of your claim. Remember, your injury deserves justice. Make the right choice today—call Alta Legal today to set up an appointment.

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