Workers Comp Claim Denied! Now What?

wrapped hand holding an envelope with a work injury claim application inside stamped with deniedIt looks like the worst possible outcome if you have been injured on the job. You reported the claim to your employer, filed all the paperwork, and now, a letter has come from the Utah Labor Commissioner denying the claim. Now what?

What To Do If Workers Comp Is Denied

If you receive a notice from the Utah Labor Commissioner saying your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, you should review it carefully to figure out why the claim was denied. The official letter should state the exact reason for the denial.

Once you have reviewed the letter, you should consult with an attorney at once to explore an appeal. The Utah Labor Commissioner has an appeal process for workers’ compensation claims. The forms necessary to file the appeal can be somewhat complex, and the advice of an attorney can be invaluable in preparing them.

Preparing an appeal of a denial for workers’ compensation entails the preparation of at least four forms:

  1. Application for Hearing;
  2. Medical Treatment Provider List;
  3. Release of Medical Records;
  4. Summary of Medical Records.

If a workplace death is involved, a separate form must be prepared regarding the incident.

Once the forms are completed, the Labor Commissioner will send them to the employer and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, who must file written responses within 30 days. Once the answers are filed, a hearing will be set not less than 120 days after receiving the answer.

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