Are There Deadlines for Workers’ Comp?

man filling up for workers compesationWorkers’ compensation is an important form of insurance coverage that provides protection to employees who are injured while working. In Utah, it is also a requirement for most employers to carry this coverage. If you are injured while working, hiring a workers compensation attorney in Taylorsville UT can be a good idea. These professionals can help you understand what your benefits are and what needs to be done to file on time. 

What is Covered by Worker’s Comp Insurance

When hiring a workers compensation attorney Taylorsville UT residents will first work to understand if their injury is covered by the insurance. To qualify for coverage under your employer’s worker’s compensation plan, you will need to prove that you are an employee of the company and that the injury occurred while you were at work or completing tasks for your job. Injuries that occur during your free time will not typically be covered by this insurance.

What Can Worker’s Comp Cover?

A worker’s comp insurance plan is designed to provide support for losses that you incur due to the injury. If you are hurt while working, your medical and therapy bills, lost wages, and other costs could be reimbursed. If you are permanently unable to work, the benefits can be significant and could provide support for decades to come. 

Are There Deadlines for Worker’s Comp?

Generally, when filing a claim for Utah workers compensation the sooner you file the claim, the better off you will be as it will push up the date in which you can start receiving benefits. However, it is important to have all of your necessary paperwork in order. To have a claim approved, you generally need to report it within 180 days. 

If you are working with a Taylorsville UT work injury attorney, such as the team with Alta Legal, you can learn much more about this form of insurance coverage. They will be able to provide a full consultation and ensure you receive the support that you are entitled to.

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