What is considered “Unusual or Extraordinary”?

engineer with back pain injuryWhat is an “Unusual or Extraordinary” Exertion in regards to workers’ compensation?

While the phrase “unusual or extraordinary” is not defined in the Workers’ Compensation Act, the courts have interpreted the phrase to mean physical exertion that is beyond the employee’s normal job duties.

If you have been injured at work and believe that your injury was due to unusual or extraordinary exertion, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your case.

What type of exertion is considered “Unusual or Extraordinary”

Factors that the courts will consider in determining whether an activity is an unusual or extraordinary include:

-The type of work the employee was doing at the time of the injury

-The employee’s training and experience

-The work conditions at the time of the injury

-The equipment being used

-The nature of the injury

What type of injuries or results comes from it?

Injuries that can result from unusual or extraordinary exertion include:

-Musculoskeletal injuries

-Sprains and strains


-Carpal tunnel syndrome

-Herniated discs


How to prove your unusual or extraordinary exertion

An employee who is injured at work due to unusual or extraordinary exertion will need to prove that the injury was caused by an activity that is beyond the scope of their normal job duties.

The best way to do this is to have witnesses who can testify as to what happened and how the injury occurred.

The employee will also need to have medical documentation to support their claim.

If you have been injured at work and believe that your injury was due to unusual or extraordinary exertion, you should contact a worker compensation attorney in Utah to discuss your case.

How your attorney can help

If you have been injured at work due to unusual or extraordinary exertion, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include:

-Medical expenses

-Lost wages

-Disability benefits

-Vocational rehabilitation

-Death benefits

If you have been injured at work, contact a workers compensation attorney in Utah to discuss your case.

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worker accident insuranceWhat benefits can I receive from Worker’s Compensation in Utah?

Injured workers in Utah can receive a variety of benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation program. These benefits can help to cover medical expenses, income lost due to an injury, and other related costs.

Medical benefits can help to cover the cost of medically necessary treatment for an injury, including hospital stays, doctor’s visits, medications, and rehabilitative care. Income benefits can help to replace a portion of lost wages while an injured worker is unable to work. Other Utah workers compensation benefits can help to cover the cost of vocational rehabilitation, disability, and death.

What type of benefits are available?

The type of benefits available to an injured worker in Utah will depend on the nature and extent of their injuries. Some benefits, such as medical benefits, are available to all injured workers, regardless of the severity of their injuries. Other benefits, such as income replacement benefits, are only available to workers who suffer from a certain amount of wage loss due to their injuries.

How your attorney can help get you the benefits you deserve

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Utah can assist you in obtaining all the benefits to which you are entitled. Your lawyer can also aid you with appeals, negotiations, and defending your rights throughout the claims process.

If you have been hurt at work, get in touch with a professional worker compensation attorney in Utah immediately to learn more about your rights and how they can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured at work, it is important to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can help you understand your rights and ensure that you receive the full range of benefits to which you may be entitled. Call Alta Legal today for a free consultation.

debt settlementDebt seems to be a part of modern American life. However, while in many situations it works fine as a tool to make big purchases, in a growing number of cases debt can spin out of control.

When Is Debt Settlement an Option?

Generally, people are expected to pay back their debts in full. However, struggling borrowers have several choices. They could continue to struggle, they could file for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy attorney West Jordan Utah resource, or they could ask the lender if they want to negotiate. When things are on the ropes and bankruptcy may be the final choice, asking a lender if they want to settle for partial debt repayment can be very effective. Lenders lose everything in a West Jordan bankruptcy, especially if there was no collateral involved (i.e., a secured debt).

Who Should Look into It?

Anyone who is in over their head with debt and looking at bankruptcy soon could benefit from debt settlement. Settlement may be the difference between avoiding bankruptcy or going full bore into a filing altogether.

Who Is It For?

Technically, anyone can use debt settlement. It’s an amendment to the original lending agreement the parties agreed to.

What Type of Debt Does it Cover?

Because borrowing money is a contract, debt settlement could affect most loans. There are exceptions. Funds owed to the government, like past taxes due or student loans won’t be affected by a debt settlement. Those debts have to go through government processes instead of a court order.

Is It an Option for Me?

Whether debt settlement works for you or not depends on your specific case circumstances and your willingness to think out of the box. The worst a lender can do is refuse to cooperate. In that case, you’ve lost nothing, but if they do agree, you gain debt relief.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

A legal resource like Alta Legal can help negotiate with lenders who might not be a response to private parties. When faced with loss in bankruptcy, many lenders become very cooperative to at least recover some of their debt versus nothing. As a bankruptcy attorney in West Jordan resource, Alta Legal is worth a call, especially if you want to know about debt settlement.

bankruptcy and chapter 13What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Another name for Chapter 13 is a wage earner’s bankruptcy. It permits people with a steady income to create a plan to pay off their debts in full or in part. A debt repayment plan is submitted to creditors under this chapter that proposes monthly payments over three to five years.

If a debtor’s current monthly income is lower than the state average, the period required by law will most likely be three years. (1) If the debtor’s present monthly revenue is higher than the state average, the statutory period is generally five years. During this time, collection attempts may not be made against the debtor or his/her assets by creditors.

Who is it for?

Chapter 13 is available to individuals with a regular income who have:

If you or someone you know is seeking consultation, it’s important to talk to a bankruptcy attorney in Taylorsville today, to discuss your situation.

Reorganize Debt – what does that consist of

Chapter 13 can assist you in catching up on mortgage payments and preserving your property from foreclosure. Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to make up missed payments (arrears) throughout your plan if you are behind on your mortgage or facing foreclosure. You’ll need to continue making your regular mortgage payments throughout this period.

You may use your Chapter 13 bankruptcy to assist you to pay off other obligations such as IRS taxes, back wages owed to you, or alimony and child support debts that have gone past due dates.

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life after bankruptcyBankruptcy is not a good option for everyone. However, if you do decide it is best for you, then it is important to have a plan for the aftermath. Bankruptcy is filed when a person or business can not pay back a debt. The debt in question is typically significant and would put the person or entity in even more financial ruin if additional fees and penalties were to be added. If you have already filed for bankruptcy, contact bankruptcy lawyers Utah to ensure you are following the right steps to get your finances back in order. If you are filing for bankruptcy in Utah or have done so already, contact the staff at Alta Legal for a consultation today.

What To Do After Filing Bankruptcy Taylorsville 

There are several things you will need to get in order after filing for bankruptcy. If you have already filed for bankruptcy in Utah, chances are you already have a bankruptcy attorney Taylorsville. If you do not already have a lawyer, contact the professionals at Alta Legal today.


The next thing on your list should be a budget. Bankruptcy is a new slate. It’s important to keep that slate clean. In order to achieve this, you must budget your finances, and stick to it. You must practice discipline and not go over the budget you have created for yourself.

New Credit Card 

Once you file for bankruptcy, you will need to begin building your credit. The key to credit building is not going over what you already have. When you buy things, make sure you already have the funds to cover them and pay them off soon after making the transaction.

Rainy Day Savings 

Saving is important. It is especially important after filing for financial hardship. Rainy day savings should not be used for anything else, other than essentials. Rainy day savings are perfect for when you’re in between checks or have an unexpected but necessary bill.

To help you get back on track after filing for bankruptcy, it would be beneficial to contact the staff at Alta Legal to hire a competent and experienced, Utah bankruptcy attorney.

work injuryWhen you get hurt on the job, you just want to heal and get back to normal. You know that workers’ compensation pays for your medical care and a percentage of your salary, but you probably want to get back to full earning capacity. You can’t rush healing though, nor should you try to return to work before the doctor provides a full medical okay.


You’ll hurt both your finances and yourself if you cheat your recovery.

First, your health… if you return to work without the doctor’s approval from the injury, you could easily aggravate the injury or hurt yourself worse.

That means you would need to repeat all of the recovery steps you have already gone through. You might add new ones.
Perhaps you’re in physical therapy now for an injury or you need to have surgery to permanently fix a problem. Going back to work before finishing the prescribed treatment can cause permanent physical damage.

Second, your finances… if you return to work without your doctor’s approval or if you skip your physical therapy appointments, the insurance company can refuse your claim, explains Taylorsville workers compensation attorneys Alta Legal. That means you would have to pay for your medical treatment and potentially pay the insurance company back for what it had already claimed.

When you ignore the doctor’s advice and prescribed treatment, you provide proof for the insurance company that you weren’t injured or weren’t injured as badly as you claimed. That results in lost money for you.

If you return to work prematurely after, for example, a slipped disc, if you re-injure yourself, the insurance company can also refuse your claim. They will check whether you have medical permission to return to work. If you did not, they’ll say that you knew you were not supposed to work, so the injury is your fault, not that of the company that employs you.

For those two important reasons, regardless of how slow your progress in healing a physical injury is, you should follow your medical doctor’s advice precisely. You should not try to rush back to work after a broken bone or disc injury, especially. Attend every physical therapy appointment and perform every exercise to the best of your ability. Putting your full effort into your recovery can mean a full recovery and it can help you obtain financial assistance from the insurance company while you recover.

Fully protect yourself. Retain a qualified medical doctor to assist your recovery and retain a qualified work injury lawyer Utah trusts – Alta Legal.

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