Why Your Bankruptcy Was Denied

Having to declare bankruptcy is never an easy decision, and it is one that often comes after many years of feeling alone and encumbered with heavy debts. Yet, did you know that many of our clients have delayed getting their bankruptcy process started out of fear of being denied? The good news is that a […]

Bankruptcy Discharge

Are you feeling overwhelmed by bills? Does it seem impossible to get out from beneath your debts? If so, you are not alone, and our team at Alta Legal can help free you from excessive debt repayment with a bankruptcy discharge. What Is a Bankruptcy Discharge? A bankruptcy discharge is available to Utah residents as […]

Common Causes of Workers Compensation Accidents in the Workplace

If you have sustained a work-related accident, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation claim helps you recover money for your last wages, medical expenses, and permanent injuries you sustained due to a workplace accident. Here at Alta Legal, we can help you with workers’ compensation claims. Common Causes […]

Jobs That Have the Highest Worker’s Compensation Claims

Workers compensation Utah is designed to help cover your lost wages and medical expenses if you are hurt on the job. Some jobs are more dangerous, giving them higher workers’ compensation claim rates than other jobs. Here are the highest worker’s compensation claims in the state of Utah. Construction Construction work is dangerous, and there […]

Can I Lose My House If I File for Bankruptcy?

If you struggle to pay all of your bills, you may consider filing for bankruptcy. However, if you own a home, you may wonder, if I file bankruptcy, what happens to my house? A bankruptcy attorney Taylorsville Utah can help to protect your home if you file for bankruptcy. Do You Lose Your House in […]

Bankruptcy Don’ts

Bankruptcy is a way for people with excessive debt to manage or even eradicate it. When a person has too much debt to pay in a given period, they can either reorganize the debt on their terms or file for nearly complete debt erasure for qualified instances. If you or someone you know is struggling […]

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