What Can Bankruptcy Do for You?

It is difficult to get behind on payments with creditors. One week of missing work due to sickness or an unexpected, expensive car repair can easily make you miss a payment. And for many, one missed payment snowballs into several – especially if income is already tight. Before long, you are buried in a mountain […]

Workers Comp Claim Denied! Now What?

It looks like the worst possible outcome if you have been injured on the job. You reported the claim to your employer, filed all the paperwork, and now, a letter has come from the Utah Labor Commissioner denying the claim. Now what? What To Do If Workers Comp Is Denied If you receive a notice […]

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits, If I Have Pre-Existing Injury

No one is perfect, as the saying goes, and no one enjoys perfect health. Many working people go to their jobs every day with pre-existing medical conditions. Occasionally, a workplace injury will aggravate or inflame a pre-existing condition. The question then becomes, “Does workers comp cover pre existing conditions?” In general, the answer is yes. […]

Why Your Workers Compensation Claim Was Denied

Injured employees in Utah are often surprised to find that their workers’ compensation claim was denied by the Labor Commissioner. The official letter denying the claim will usually state the reasons for the denial of the claim. Why Would a Workers Comp Claim Be Denied? Most workers’ compensation claim denials happen for a few reasons: […]

Can I Get a Loan After Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy will undoubtedly have significant impacts on one’s life. The very reason why so many Utah residents file for bankruptcy, like Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, is to enjoy financial freedom outside of massive debts. Being able to live and enjoy life without the stress of running uphill against debts is incredible and […]

2 Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Once a Utah workers compensation claim has been filed, it will be resolved, either by a hearing before the Utah Labor Commission, or by negotiation between the employee and the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If the claim can be successfully settled, the claim will probably take one of two forms: a compromise settlement or […]

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