WC Entitled Rights: Temporary Total Disability

diagnosis temporary total disability (TTD) and stethoscopeIn Utah, workers compensation laws play a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of employees who sustain injuries or fall ill due to their workplace environment, especially when faced with a temporary total disability. These laws are structured to provide comprehensive support, covering various aspects of an employee’s well-being post-injury or illness.

At Alta Legal, our workers compensation attorney in Utah, emphasizes that injured workers are entitled to compensation that covers medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages. In this article, understand the essential aspects of Utah workers compensation, focusing on temporary total disability and the compensation rights associated with it.

What Is a Temporary Total Disability?

A temporary total disability (TTD) occurs when a work-related injury or illness completely prevents you from performing your job duties, but only for a limited period.

Since the disability is total, the employee may be entitled to a higher level of benefits compared to partial disabilities. These benefits are designed to compensate for the employee’s full absence from work. However, these benefits are not indefinite and are expected to cease once the employee has recovered sufficiently to resume their job or an equivalent role.

Temporary Total Disability Compensation

Temporary total disability compensation covers various aspects of an employee’s well-being post-injury or illness. This includes:

Alta Legal plays an instrumental role in making sure that the TTD compensation an employee receives is precisely calculated. The experience of our Taylorsville UT work injury attorney in workers compensation law is vital when dealing with the complex formulas and legal requirements to ascertain the correct compensation amount.

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