What Can Bankruptcy Do for You?

women holding wallet but no money to pay credit cardIt is difficult to get behind on payments with creditors. One week of missing work due to sickness or an unexpected, expensive car repair can easily make you miss a payment. And for many, one missed payment snowballs into several – especially if income is already tight. Before long, you are buried in a mountain of debt you can’t find a way out of.

Though it is not a miracle cure or an overnight fix, bankruptcy can be an important resource in times like these. Learn more about the pros of bankruptcy in Utah and how we can help below.

Provides Peace and Relief

Creditors never seem to let you forget you owe them. Phone calls, notices in the mail, and other collection practices seem to be nonstop. Bankruptcy can halt these practices, giving you some peace of mind.

It can also reduce the weight of the debt altogether. Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges many debts, while Chapter 13 reorganizes debts into one affordable monthly payment. Whether you get a clean break from the debt or you can just finally make some headway on it, the burden can certainly be lighter.

Gives You the Ability To Start Over

Once your bankruptcy case comes to a close, you can start fresh with your finances. You can finally put your income towards building wealth and financial stability.

Protects Your Assets

It is a common thought that bankruptcy means losing your home, vehicles, and other assets. Filing bankruptcy in Utah can provide asset protection for most – if not all – of your property.

Our team is here to fight for you and your financial peace of mind. We can walk you through the entire process, from ensuring you file the right type of bankruptcy and helping you protect your assets to explaining what is expected of you and more.

Do not let your debt control your life another day. Call Alta Legal – your bankruptcy attorney in Taylorsville – today at (385) 224-3765 for a consultation.

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