Why Your Bankruptcy Was Denied

frustrated young man in eyewear holding paper correspondence in handsHaving to declare bankruptcy is never an easy decision, and it is one that often comes after many years of feeling alone and encumbered with heavy debts. Yet, did you know that many of our clients have delayed getting their bankruptcy process started out of fear of being denied?

The good news is that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is rarely denied. When it is, there are things our Utah bankruptcy attorney team can do to help resolve it. Our team at Alta Legal is experienced at helping Utah residents just like yourself get out from under those debts.

Reasons for Denied Bankruptcy Filing

There are six common reasons why the courts may choose to deny bankruptcy.

The primary reason for a denied bankruptcy has to do with household income. Most bankruptcy petitions are denied because the petitioner did not accurately show that their income was insufficient to make monthly payments. In other words, they made too much money.

This is sometimes the result of petitioners not understanding how to assess their assets and debts correctly. As such, if you have a denied bankruptcy because of household income, our bankruptcy attorney in Taylorsville can look over your finances and potentially get it changed.

The other five common reasons for a denied Utah bankruptcy are:

In the end, the best way to ensure your bankruptcy is not denied is to have a bankruptcy attorney in Taylorsville look over the paperwork before you file. That is exactly what our team at Alta Legal offers. Call us today for a free consultation and to get on the way to a debt-free future.

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