How Do I File for Workers’ Compensation in Utah?

worker accident insurance disability compensation and social benefitsAccidents happen on the job, even when you take precautions. Worker’s compensation insurance is designed to provide employees that are injured at work with financial compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always willing to give injured workers the money that they’re owed.

If you’ve been injured on the job or have an illness because of your work, you’re entitled to collect worker’s compensation benefits. Alta Legal can guide you through this process and will make sure you receive the funds you need to recover from your injuries.

How to File for Workers Comp

In the State of Utah workers compensation provides coverage for most work-related illnesses or injuries. If you’ve been injured in an on-the-job accident, suffered a repetitive stress injury, or have developed an illness due to your work, you are eligible for worker’s compensation coverage.

Utah Workers Compensation Lawyer

The process of filing for workers comp Utah can be complex, and valid claims are sometimes denied. If your employer fails to meet their obligation and does not feel like a claim, you might feel like there’s no way for you to get the coverage that you’re entitled to. An experienced Utah workers compensation lawyer can fight for your rights and help you collect the benefits that you’re owed.

Alta Legal has helped many clients in the Provo, UT area collect worker’s compensation after a work injury. Insurance companies might try to deny or limit your benefits, but we’re here to ensure you’re properly compensated. Call us today at (385) 224-3765 to schedule a free case review.

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