Utah’s No-Fault Worker’s Compensation System

workers compensationIf you have been injured on the job, you should be able to take full advantage of the resources available to you. Utah has a no-fault workers’ compensation system in place in order to ensure individuals injured on the job receive the compensation they are entitled to. If you have been injured on the job, contact reputable workers compensation lawyers in Utah for assistance. Although Utah is a no-fault state, you must follow a few steps in order to receive the payment you are owed in regards to your workplace injury. If you are in need of West Jordan workers compensation attorneys, contact the staff at Alta Legal to schedule a consultation today.

What is No-Fault  

You may have heard the term no fault in a myriad of different legal settings. No-fault workers’ compensation simply means you will not need to prove the fault of the other party in court in order to receive worker’s compensation in the state of Utah, as long as the injury you acquired is due to work or happened at your place of work. Since all Utah businesses are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance for employees, these cases typically go smoothly.

Why You Need a Lawyer  

You will need a workers compensation lawyer in Utah, to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to and to ensure you have the right documentation to receive compensation.  A lawyer will also be able to decide whether or not you truly have a case to work with. To be eligible for worker’s compensation, you would have to be injured at work, or on duty. If you were injured during lunch or coming from work, chances are you would not be eligible for compensation. However, if you were diagnosed with lung disease due to work conditions, or something along those lines, you are entitled to some sort of recompense.

If you are in need of workers compensation lawyers in West Jordan UT, contact the staff at Alta Legal for assistance today.

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