What if I can’t return to work after my work injury? What are my options?

man taking care of his co-worker from injuryAt Alta Legal, we know that no matter what type of profession you are in, there is always the possibility of an injury. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are hurt while on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation.

But what happens when the injury is more serious and turns into a disability? Will you need a worker’s compensation lawyer Utah? Here, we’ll cover what exactly workers’ compensation means and what your options are for disability benefits.

UT Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides medical care, and possibly cash benefits, to workers who develop an illness or become injured as a direct implication of the job they are employed to do. In Utah, there is a no-fault system for workers’ comp. That means, by law, the worker needs to have their medical bills, payment loss due to injury, and permanent handicaps taken care of.

When Injury Becomes Disability

If the injury turns more serious with a longer mandatory period out of work, that becomes disability territory. There are two types of permanent work-related disability:

Aside from medical bills, workers’ comp in Utah provides for traveling to and from medical appointments, prescriptions, and even prosthetic devices. With a disability claim, two-thirds of weekly wages will be paid out for a determined amount of time, depending on the type of disability.

If the insurance company disputes any portion of your filing, the whole claim can be denied. Getting what you need out of an insurance company can be a hassle when it comes to work-related situations. When you are already in pain or incapacitated, it is likely time to chat with workers compensation attorneys Utah.




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