Injuries while Traveling between Work Sites. Can I Claim Worker’s Compensation?

worker assigned to another construction areaUnderstanding worker’s compensation

Many employers provide coverage that allows employees to enter the workplace without fear about the dangers of their occupation.  Worker’s Compensation is simply a trade off those employees make with their employers where the ability to sue the company for an injury or negligence is given up for wage replacement and medical benefits.  If you have been injured on the job, get the information you need about whether, or not, you have a worker’s compensation case from the Alta Legal Firm, your workers compensation attorney in Utah.

How a Utah workers compensation lawyer can help

Worker compensation lawyer Utah at Alta Legal will help make the complex simple.  They are bound by innovation, and driven by integrity and honesty.  They are experienced worker compensation lawyers who will work for your well-being and success.  If your job requires you to go from one worksite to another, and you are injured while traveling, a worker compensation lawyer Utah can help.  They can assist you with any stipulations and specifics that your state and employer have, and the kind of coverage that is available to you through the jurisdiction of your state, and the guidelines of your employer.

Workers comp claim for injury while traveling on the job

In Utah, injuries that occur away from the workplace may be covered by workers comp if the employee is involved in work for the employer.  This includes traveling between work sites.  Your worker compensation attorney Utah, is prepared to offer you the optimal representation and specifics of the Federal Workers Compensation Program pertaining to your claim in the case that denial of such claim is a counter action of the company.  It is your legal right to be covered by workers compensation insurance.

If your employer has workers comp coverage for employees, and refuses to pay for a travel between worksite claim, your workers compensation attorney Utah, will fight for you and that right.



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