I got injured on a work trip: Can I claim worker’s compensation?

work injuryAny workers compensation attorney in Taylorsville UT will likely have heard some of the same questions from clients over and over again about their rights under various scenarios, so we have decided to take a look at these questions ourselves and see how we can provide good answers for you.

If injured on a work trip can you claim workers comp?

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation if you are injured while out on a work trip. If the work trip was specifically required by your employer, and you were not doing anything reckless or illegal when you were injured, then a Taylorsville UT work injury attorney should be able to work that case for you in such a way that you are able to win your claim.

What are the requirements under Utah Law to qualify?

Workers compensation claims can be made in the state of Utah by anyone who is employed within the state and who is willing to put forward proper documentation showing that they were materially injured while they were simply trying to do their job. Alta Legal can help guide anyone who is desiring the option to file a workers compensation claim.

What can I get compensated for under workers comp on the business work trip?

If you are injured while on a business trip in a way that makes it where you cannot continue to perform the normal types of activities that you are supposed to perform at your job, then you could potentially get your worker compensation attorney Utah to help you get the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to under Utah law. You don’t have to suffer just because you were on a work trip.

Are their exceptions – like if you have free time and you get injured while site seeing or at an attraction? 

You may not qualify for workers compensation if you were injured while on your own time or while doing something illegal. If you are the one being negligent, then you will suffer as a result. Baring that, you should be just fine.

What are you required to do if you are injured while on your work trip – statute of limitation – let your work know asap…etc..

You definitely need to make sure you inform your job that you have been injured while on the job. Get as much documentation as possible, and certainly get a lawyer to work for you as soon as you possibly can. You want that representation working for you to protect your rights immediately.



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