Can I be denied worker’s compensation? What Then?

claim deniedIf you are injured while on the job, or become sick from a workplace cause, you are eligible for workers compensation benefits. These benefits cover your lost wages and medical bills. It also covers disability benefits and death benefits if necessary. If you need to file a workers compensation claim, it is best to hire a workers compensation attorney in Taylorsville UT to help with the process.

Why Or For What Reason Can My Claim Be Denied?

There is no guarantee that your workers compensation claim will be approved. There are a few issues that will result in a denial. These include:

If I’m Denied, What Are the Next Steps?

If your workers compensation claim has been denied, a workers compensation attorney Taylorsville UT can help. Your attorney can file an appeal. The appeal will be heard by the state labor department, a state board of workers compensation or an administrative law judge, and your Taylorsville UT work injury attorney can present medical evidence and other evidence to support your claim.

How Can An Attorney Help You Through the Process?

It is best to hire an attorney before you file your workers compensation claim. An attorney can help gather your medical records and other evidence to ensure your claim will be approved. In addition, an attorney can ensure that the paperwork is filled out properly and it is filed before the deadline.

If you have been injured on the job or are sick from a workplace cause, call Alta Legal. We can review the circumstances of the accident and your medical records to ensure you are eligible for workers compensation insurance. We can also handle all the paperwork and make sure it is filed in a timely manner. When you have our attorneys on your side, there is an excellent chance your workers compensation claim will be approved.

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