Can I Get a Lump Sum Workers’ Compensation?

lump sum paymentWhen you undergo a case for worker’s compensation, you are looking for a settlement. One of these options is a lump sum option that is easily achieved with the assistance of a worker’s compensation attorney Salt Lake City. There are two main types of agreements that come from these settlements and understanding them is important to know before you make a determination on how you plan to settle your case.

Compromise Agreements

Many of those awarded a lump sum obtain it through a compromise agreement. If there is a potential for disputes regarding your benefit eligibility or the insurance company has decided to accept your claim even with potential concerns, then you could find yourself receiving a lump sum, only it will be for a portion of the benefits. This is in lieu of court and to finalize the case at a compromise. If you agree to these terms and the lump sum, it is a final decision that cannot be overturned or refuted in any way.

Commutation Agreements

This settlement is presented when there is no doubt that you are entitled to benefits based upon the circumstances of your incident. During this type of settlement, an offer will be made for a lump sum and reviewed by a judge to determine if the settlement is fair based upon your condition in the long-term and your ability to continue working. With the help of worker’s compensation lawyer Salt Lake City, you can make sure your commutation agreement is at its maximum amount.

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