Will my Bankruptcy be made public in Utah

bankruptcy For people all over the state of Utah, the last few years have put a lot of stress on their financial lives. In this time, people have had to deal with illness, job losses, and rising costs of living. Due to this, finding a way to restart your financial life is very important. One effective way to do this is by filing for personal bankruptcy. While filing bankruptcy in Utah can help you get a fresh start, it is important to understand that this is a public record that could be found by people in the future.

When Does a Bankruptcy Go Public?

In general, all Utah bankruptcies will be made part of the public record. Most of the time, it will be made part of the record within a few business days of the process being complete. It normally will not be found until the debts have been discharged and you are through the process.

Who Can Access the Records?

While a bankruptcy filing in Utah is technically a part of the public filing, it is not easily accessible for all people. Bankruptcies in this state are posted on a website called, Public Access to Court Records (PACER). Anyone in the state will have the ability to pull up your records on PACER, but to do so they will need to have an account and pay for the information they request. This creates a barrier that will prevent many companies from accessing your information. Even if it is accessed, there are rules that prevent employers and other decision-makers from using it against you.

How can an Attorney Help?

If you are going through bankruptcy, hiring an Utah bankruptcy attorney is a good idea. When you are in need of an Utah bankruptcy lawyer, Alta Legal can offer services that will help ensure the bankruptcy filing goes smoothly and that you receive the support you need to restart your financial life.

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