Your Guide to Denied Workers’ Comp Claims

work injury claim deniedIncurring any type of injury due to an accident can be a frustrating and challenging situation. This can be made even worse if you are injured while you are at work. Fortunately, if you are injured at work, you should be entitled to support through your employer’s workers compensation plan. Unfortunately, claims are denied from time to time. There are a few reasons why your claim could be denied.

Injury Did Not Happen at Work

A worker’s compensation plan is designed to cover injuries that took place while someone was performing the functions of their job. If the employer can prove that you were injured while you were not at work, the damages may not be covered by the plan. You will then need to provide evidence that the injury did take place while performing the tasks of your job.

Discrepancies in Reports

When you are going to file a worker’s compensation claim you will need to provide various pieces of information. When the insurance provider is reviewing the claim, they will review all of this information which will include witness statements, medical reports, statements provided by the injured party, and accident reports. If there are glaring discrepancies in the report, your claim may be initially denied.

When to Hire an Attorney

If you have been injured at work in the area, hiring a West Jordan worker’s compensation attorney is always a good idea. Your West Jordan workers compensation attorney can help ensure that you file your claim on time and provide all necessary documentation. If the claim is not approved, they can also provide any appeal services that you need. Ultimately, the attorney works to ensure your rights are represented and you receive the financial support that you need.

When you are looking for a workers compensation attorney in West Jordan UT, you should call the team with Alta Legal. The team here can provide all consultation and legal support you need for your claim.

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