Is My Employer Going to Cut my Hours after Workers’ Comp?

employer with the employeeGetting injured in your place of work, or in your performance of duty for it, is never an ideal situation to be in. The best thing for you to do in this case is to hire a workers compensation attorney in West Jordan UT to make a successful claim. 

It’s possible to receive seemingly retaliatory behavior from your employee after filing a claim, which is why it becomes all the more crucial for you to bring your case before a workers compensation attorney West Jordan UT.

Employer’s Retaliation Based on Claim

Technically speaking, there is nothing precluding your employer from cutting back your hours, meting out disciplinary actions, or even terminating you from your job–as long as it is proven to be warranted. After all, you are still their employee, and as such must abide by the company policies. 

What they cannot do, however, is to do any of these things because you filed for a worker’s compensation claim. This would otherwise be known as a retaliatory gesture by your employer and is not allowed. 

Workers Compensation in Utah

In order for you to file a worker’s compensation claim in Utah, the first requirement that must be met is your status of employment. You must be an employee, and still are an employee, of the company you wish to file a claim from. This company must have workers’ comp insurance. 

Then, you must be able to prove that the injury or illness you sustained is work-related in the first place. A West Jordan UT work injury attorney can help you in this matter. Note that in Utah, you have 180 days to report the injury to your employer. You would want to make that report at the soonest possible time so that your claim can be processed early. 

Why Hire a Lawyer

Not all workers’ compensation claims go smoothly. In fact, some encounter resistance from their employers, saying that the injury was a result of the employee’s own negligence, and not the company’s.

Having a Utah workers compensation lawyer can help you prove liability on their part, so you can successfully earn your claim. Firms like Alta Legal can represent you for this case.

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